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November 10th 2019

Important Announcement – A new journey for 1 Events Media

Please note that there are no E3 Business Awards scheduled for 2020.

We’re extremely grateful to all the sponsors, judges, finalists, organisations and individuals that have supported us over the last six years but the pressures of time and other priorities have prompted us to re-consider our direction for 2020.

It’s been wonderful to see the Awards embraced and appreciated by so many, but we also recognise that there are numerous other ways in which 1 Events Media can be helping other people, communities and organisations. Over the last two years in particular, clients have increasingly been asking us to deliver services on their behalf, and now we feel it’s time to grasp that opportunity.

Consequently, we are offering a new range of services to help businesses and communities across the North West. These services will build on our experience of marketing and event management, and they’ll be designed to deliver real value to all those organisations that, through our events, we have come to know so well.

So we thank you, very sincerely, for all your support, but now we feel a need to change.

For more information, please click here to read a full statement from our MD, Mubarak Chati.