E3 Business Awards 2019 took place on Thu 11th July 2019 view highlights

We want all our Finalists to feel special. 

Read our Finalists’ Charter.

  • We believe in making the finalists feel special.
  • We want our finalists to celebrate their business success and be seen to be celebrating it.
  • We want the finalists to feel a benefit to their business.
  • We want the finalists to know how to make the most of this opportunity.
  • We want the finalists to receive as much social media coverage as is possible.
  • The finalists feel special to be a finalist; even if they don’t win.
  • Finalists feel honoured to have been selected to be a finalist.
  • Finalists are delighted with the social media coverage from selection to post-awards dinner.
  • Finalists are delighted with the awards night exposure.
  • Finalists feel they have received a return on investment (ROI).
  • Finalists will have a platform to share/promote their business.
  • Finalists will want to enter future E3 Awards.
  • Finalists become fans of E3 Awards.
  • Finalists will get internal and external promotion of their business.
  • Finalists will get more employee engagement with sponsors/judges; for recruitment purposes and increase their brand.
  • Finalists will become good referral sources for 1 Events Media.
  • Finalists feel confident to enter future E3 Awards because of the ROI this year.
  • Finalists get recognition as a result of entering.
  • Finalists get motivation from entering.
  • Finalists receive increase in profile as a result of entering.
  • Finalists feel positive about their business.
  • Finalists see impact on their business.
  • 1 Event Media become number ONE North West Awards.