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Exhibitor Training Videos now live!

As part of our on going value adding ethos, we are now sharing our 20 years of knowledge from the exhibition world to everyone. These will be delivered in 3-minute length videos, three times a week over three months starting from today.

Watch our first video that addresses perhaps the most fundamental question of all when it comes to exhibiting: how do you choose the right expo? This will touch on matters of research and target markets, and why it’s important to question why you want to exhibit at any given event. Every video will also have an accompanying blog with more information. You can view all the blogs here.

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Cant wait for this, it’s going be amazing as always 😀

** Lancashare Day 2019! **

Join us for the only event we do each year. Help us celebrate the birth of our company, when one single business became our first customer, 3 years on discover the incredible impact YOU have had on our county!

** Lancashare Day 2019! **

There are always hundreds of businesses present at our annual celebration - after all, it's the only event we do each year so we aim to please - we've gone all out again this year - definitely not one to be missed!