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About Us


1 Events Media
Since 2010. We have been helping businesses, charities and entrepreneurs to make new contacts, to build more profitable relationships and to improve the wellbeing of local communities. By working together with our customers, we promote and facilitate the success of the wider regional economy.


Our Mission
We are passionate and committed to helping businesses in the North West and beyond with marketing, business consultancy and events management. We continue to help clients of all types and sizes to build new links with other businesses, communities and organisations.


Our Services

Event Management
Organising and promoting events can be difficult. Getting the right crowd to attend can be a huge challenge; the effectiveness of your promotional work can make or break the whole project. You might have a great event organised but how do you ensure that you attract a big enough audience to make it worthwhile for everyone involved?

The 1EM events team has over 25 years of experience in organising events – ranging from small local networking events to customised masterclasses, and from award dinners to regional exhibitions. And with the network we’ve built over the last few years of running local networking events, regional expos and awards, we’ve developed a comprehensive database. As a result, we have great connections and can always target and invite the right delegates, speakers, visitors and exhibitors, whatever the nature of your event.

Exhibitor Training
Taking an exhibition stand can be a great way to build customer awareness but, fundamentally, exhibiting is about improving the balance sheet. Whatever the event, it’s vital that your stand produces a good return on your investment.

Of course, securing that return can sometimes be a challenge; far too often, businesses commit to the expense of exhibiting but then sabotage their own success by sending poorly prepared teams to attend their stall. With 80% of a stand’s success coming down to staff performance, training makes a crucial difference.

That’s where our exhibitor training comes in.

Marketing Support
We understand the importance of marketing and promotion along with the impact this can have on your organisation. Our experience in marketing has helped us successfully launch our own brands – the E3 Business Awards and the E3 Business Expo – and to do the same for numerous customers.

Having a good marketing strategy is fundamental to creating the right perceptions, message and customer awareness. Knowing your target audience will help you develop customised strategies instead of making impulsive choices. We can help you work towards clear objectives, and provide all the support, skills and marketing resources you need.

Business Consultancy
From single-day contracts to six month projects, our main aim is always to complete the task successfully, within budget and on time.

Examples of consultancy projects include launching brands, organising events, securing grant funding, delivering coaching and training programmes, and running social media & digital marketing campaigns. We break down every project using our own tools.