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Booking a Training Day


We aim to help clients of all sizes so we offer two different workshop options.

1. Commissioned Training
For larger businesses and public sector organisations, we’ll gladly arrange bespoke training sessions. These workshops are organised exclusively for your staff and can be held at a date and venue of your choosing.

Commissioned training is for groups of at least five, and costs £125 + VAT per person. There is no strict upper limit on attendees but, in order to ensure proper participation, we’d suggest a sensible maximum of around 20 delegates.

2. Open Sessions
For smaller businesses or larger organisations that wish only to train a small number of staff, we organise periodic open sessions, available to delegates on a first-come-first-served basis.

A calendar of events can be found here. It features an online booking facility, complete with venue details, prices and availability.

Booking Other Support
Training for trainers is offered on a bespoke basis. Workshop content is designed around the needs and experience of your staff. Due to the intensive nature of the session, we recommend a maximum of 4 delegates. The cost is a flat rate of £995 + VAT per day. Bespoke coaching is also designed around individual needs and is charged at £995 + VAT per day.


For more information download a copy of our 4 page brochure.