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Events Promotion


Organising and promoting high quality events demands a mixture of specialist skills.

Getting the right crowd to attend can be particularly challenging; the effectiveness of your promotional work can make or break the whole project. You might have a great event organised but how do you ensure that you attract a big enough audience to make it worthwhile for everyone involved?

Our team has over 25 years of experience in promoting and organising events – everything from small local networking events to customised masterclasses, from award dinners to regional exhibitions. And as a result of the network we’ve built over the last few years of running local networking events, regional expos and awards, we’ve developed a comprehensive database. We have great connections, which means we can target and invite the right delegates, speakers, visitors and exhibitors, whatever the nature of your event.

Our in-house engagement and outreach team regularly works with a dedicated network of specialist associates, so we can support even the most technical events in niche sectors. Whether you need a motivational speaker, an expert panel for Q&As, or the opportunity to reach a specific professional audience, we have the contacts and the market reach you need.

Examples of our event promotion services include:

  • Direct invitations – exhibitors, visitors, speakers, judges etc.
  • Sourcing designers, copywriters and printers
  • PR and social media support
  • Media and advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Event-specific websites and online booking facilities


In short, whatever the scale of your event, we can help find you the right audience.


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