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February 19th 2019

Free Sales Advice and Networking at E3 EXPO, 3rd April 2019

On Wednesday 3rd April, business development experts Richard Few and Jonathan Finch will deliver a free seminar at the E3 Business Expo 2019 in Bolton, looking in particular at the importance of prioritising ‘relationships over revenue.’

The E3 Business Expo will be held at the Bolton University Stadium between 10am and 4pm. Entrance is free. It will feature a series of business seminars, the first of which is entitled ‘Selling Starts With You’. It will run from 10:15am to 11:00am.

The two speakers – co-founders of the Accrington-based Sales Geek – will present the interactive, 45-minute session, which will question traditional assumptions about the sales role, and explain why human relationships and long term thinking are crucial to successful sales performance.

“The industry is changing,” notes Jonathan Finch. “There was a time when people thought the internet would transform the nature of sales transactions – making them much faster and impersonal – but in the last few years, things have come full circle. Good sales staff are recognising that the industry is driven by relationships. Customers want reliable, sustainable partnerships with their suppliers, so good sales practice must be about long term commitment; learning what customers need and going the extra mile to add value.

“Historically, sales effort was focused on hitting weekly or monthly targets, and it was often about shifting whatever was on the shelf, not necessarily what the customer wanted. That ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ mentality gave the profession a bad name but, thankfully, it’s becoming ever more outmoded. Today, selling successfully means taking a longer term view; building mutually rewarding relationships that can be sustained for many years. It’s a change in mindset that is ushering in greater professionalism and better ways of working.”

The session will look at how both buyers and vendors can get more from their relationships, and audience questions will be encouraged throughout. Importantly, it will also examine how companies can achieve more sales by working more intelligently with their past and existing customers, rather than assuming that new sales can only ever come from new contacts.

This is the first of three seminars that will take place during the one-day event. The Expo will also feature speed networking sessions, free food and refreshments, and a busy exhibition hall with around 50 stands.

“I’m very pleased that Jonathan and Richard will be presenting at the Expo,” said Mubarak Chati, managing director of 1 Events Media, the company which hosts and organises the event. “Business development is critical to so many companies, so anything we can do to help people improve their personal effectiveness has to be worthwhile.

“This promises to be a very interesting and fast-moving presentation, and it should be of value to anyone with a role in sales, marketing or customer service.”

Details of exhibitors, the seminar programme and visitor registration can all be found here.