E3 Business Expo 2019 took place on Wed 3rd April view highlights

Our Vision

North West businesses, charities and entrepreneurs will use 1 Events Media (1EM) to make new contacts, to build more profitable relationships, to improve the wellbeing of local communities, and – through their growth – to contribute to the success of the wider regional economy.


Our Mission

We are passionate about using the E3 Business Awards to bring the North West business community together in a celebration of business success. We aim to raise the profile of all participants, to build mutual trust, and to act always with integrity, care and respect.


Background to E3 Business Expo

The E3 Business Expo is hosted by 1 Events Media, an organisation whose senior managers have over 20 years’ experience in events management and B2B communications.

Based in Lancashire, 1 Events Media (1EM) is also the host of the highly successful E3 Business Awards. First launched in 2013, the Awards recognise excellence in the North West – particularly on the part of organisations that have shown a real investment in Enterprise, Education and Employment (E3).

The company developed the E3 Business Expo with a very similar intention – to encourage B2B collaboration, to introduce firms to new potential partners and stakeholders, and to help make the North West a better place to do business.

More information about 1 Events Media can be found on www.1eventsmedia.co.uk.