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November 22nd 2011

Delegates Discover the Secrets of Database Marketing at HSBC Preston

On Tuesday 22nd November, more than forty businesses gathered at HSBC’s  Lancashire Commercial Offices in Preston to attend a lively networking session and to take part in a short masterclass given by database marketing expert, Keith Irwen.

Organised by 1 Events Media and sponsored by HSBC, the evening session was very well attended and provided an opportunity for the delegates to promote their organisations and to make a wealth of new business contacts.

The highlight, however, was Keith’s presentation, which was entitled Database Marketing – Maximising Growth from Existing Customers. Through it, the attendees heard how data can be captured, filtered and then used to drive very cost effective marketing initiatives that have the potential to boost sales and to help build mutually beneficial relationships with clients who stay loyal and keep spending.

“A customer database is one of the most valuable marketing tools that any business can employ,” said Keith. “Without one, companies are missing out on untold opportunities to promote themselves effectively, to find new routes to market and to achieve sustainable improvements in sales. Database marketing is very much about strengthening relationships with clients and understanding how they think and operate; that can often be the key to making yourself an important partner for your customers’ businesses and ensuring that your success grows in tandem with theirs.

“This was a fascinating event,” said event organiser Mubarak Chati. “Keith’s presentation made complete sense in the current economic climate, where sales can often be hard to come by and finding new markets can be a real challenge. He reminded us that 70% of new business is usually won by means of referrals or relationship marketing and he introduced us to some of the techniques and systems that ordinary businesses can use to make the most of such opportunities.”

1 Events Media hosts and organises a programme of presentations and networking events throughout the North West.